Sleep And Work

Getting a good night’s sleep is dependent on a number of factors that accumulate over the course of the day. One that we hear a lot about though is work. We work with a lot of companies who are located in a central London office space and have staff who say that they have trouble sleeping at night.

It isn’t a case of people worrying about work after leaving the office in the evening, but a case of the working conditions not being tuned to helping someone feel stimulated throughout the day. From bright luminous lighting to what someone eats, little factors can stop someone from having a good night’s sleep.

Here are some tips and ideas that a person can follow to make sure the work day goes smoothly and doesn’t result in a stressed evening:

  • -Always have water.
    Staying hydrated is very important to the work day. Reminding yourself to drink water more often will have a much better effect on the body than thinking you need energy drinks for those moments you might feel the ‘crash’ coming on..

    • -Keep moving.
      If you’re at a desk all day long, keep a tab on when the half hour mark passes. If you get up and walk about for just a minute, you’ll be pumping blood around the body and stimulating muscles that are stagnant while you work..

    • -Stand and commute.
      If you take a train or bus going home, try and stand as much as possible. The more you’re on your feet throughout the day, the less of a slump you’ll be in the evening on the sofa. The same goes when you’re in the home. Lying around all evening before going to bed won’t let your body feel as relaxed as it should when you’re trying to fall asleep.